John Pereless- Is Video Marketing An Effective Tool?

According to John Pereless, anything that can make an impressive visual impact will always remain in viewer’s mind. Therefore if you want your services or products to make an impact and remain in consumer’s mind for a long period, an effective and impressive video about the product will do the trick, says John Pereless. As people in large number are turning toward video content, John Pereless said that would make sense to reach out to your customers with the help of the media that they access the most. Continue reading

John Pereless- Reasons Your Website is Not Attracting Right Traffic

To stay ahead in this technological era, it is important to focus on the targeted audience. John Pereless said that the most commonly heard phase in IT companies is “why is my website not able to attract the targeted audience?” There can be a number of reasons suggests John Pereless however one of the most important issues is that you do not have a professionally developed website and thus it is not able to convert its visitors. Continue reading

John Pereless- Prosperity Starts with Pereless Software

Pereless Software was started with an aim to build long term relationships with the customers. John Pereless, the CEO of the company support the software development group and plans to offer the best services to his customers. In this world of social media marketing and growing technology, John Pereless believes in offering the best website development and application software services to the customers. Continue reading

John Pereless- The Increasing Need to Design Multitasking Android Features

With the enhancement in the number of mobile users, John Pereless suggests that an increase has also been seen in the development of android mobile applications. Android is unique as it offers its customers the advantage to use multiple applications at the same time. John Pereless further added that there is an increasing need to design android applications that can seamlessly work with each other. Continue reading

John Pereless- Mobile Applications are Influencing Business ROI

One of the best ways to increase your business is to streamline your operations and track the progress of your company. John Pereless advocates that with the evolving technology and development of new applications you can easily turn your business into a profitable venture by developing a business application for your company. Continue reading

John Pereless Lists out Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software has become an essential part of the software development industry because it is one of the best ways to cater to the needs of a specific organization or businesses around the globe. According to John Pereless, computer applications have, to a large extent, reduced human efforts and businesses in large number are opting for custom software program. Different operations can be easily streamlined with the help of custom program which in turns also helps in increasing the efficiency. Continue reading

John Pereless – Advantages of Mobile Website and Mobile Applications

With the recent development in technology, John Pereless believes that smart phones are the key to promote your online business along with directing more internet traffic toward your website. So lately if you have been targeting the mobile market, it is important to design a mobile website or a mobile application to capture the interest of users toward your website. However when it comes to deciding what is beneficial- a mobile website or a mobile application, John Pereless list out certain criteria’s that must be kept in mind while making the final decision. Continue reading