John Pereless – Design a Perfect Android Application

According to John Pereless Android operating system is giving tough competition to iPhone high standards. Slowly but surely, Android is making its mark in the mobile industry. Every day, companies design new applications, out of which some might be not really successful. However, if you wish to design a successful application, John Pereless lists out certain facts that must be considered before launching an Android app.

A Great Idea

A unique and impressive idea forms the foundation of a great application suggests John Pereless. You can easily attract users’ attention if you have a great idea for your application however if the idea is not interesting enough, it may fall flat.  Therefore, as suggested by John Pereless, do not design an application unless you have a unique idea to support it.

Free Version

Users generally opt for the free version of an app to know more about its functionality. Therefore, it is important to have a free version of your Android app, recommends John Pereless. Do not always design an app with an aim to garner money because sometimes it becomes essential to design a free version before designing the paid one. Hence, according to John Pereless, offer a free trial version to your users to check their response.

Paid Version

A download fee can be charged for the paid or ad-free version of your Android applications advocates John Pereless. When people are happy with your app, chances are that they might purchase it to enjoy an ad-free experience.

Design and Interface

According to John Pereless, along with designing an easy to use and fully functional app, it is also important to keep the design and interface of the application in mind. Now-a-days, users generally look for the applications that appeal to them, advocates John Pereless. Therefore, if you want your Android application to be really successful, design a user friendly and impressive Android application.


An application that is marketed well is sure to attract the attention of prospective clients easily suggests John Pereless. Therefore, it is important to advertise your app with a striking tagline. Give a witty name to your app and put up an eye-catching image on it. Proper promotion of the app can help you to reach out to a large audience base easily recommend John Pereless.

By keeping these important factors in mind, you can easily design a successful Android application for your business suggests John Pereless.

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