John Pereless- The Increasing Need to Design Multitasking Android Features

With the enhancement in the number of mobile users, John Pereless suggests that an increase has also been seen in the development of android mobile applications. Android is unique as it offers its customers the advantage to use multiple applications at the same time. John Pereless further added that there is an increasing need to design android applications that can seamlessly work with each other.

There are certain issues that have made it crucial to design multitasking android applications. Smart phones come with certain technical limitations that are not seen in desktop or web platform. Therefore android developers have to keep various things in mind while designing an application for android phone.

Smart phone users do not have sufficient patience or time to close one application before moving on to another one as they might require the first application in a short interval of time. Therefore app developers for android need to keep this important point in mind while designing the app.

Another essential point that John Pereless believes is the reason of increasing popularity of multitasking is that smart phones are equipped with limited memory space and RAM. The swap space option is not available therefore android apps that are designed by the developers do not take a lot of space on the phone memory.

The time required to move from one app to another must be less when accessing different applications on a mobile phone and the multitasking option helps to decrease the launch time of an app. For example: While watching a video, if your receive a message you can easily move between the applications with the help of multitasking option without having to wait for the video to start all over again.

The main objective of an android app developer is to design an application that can offer the best experience to its users. Because of the presence of various limitations, it has become vital to design multitasking apps that can help the users to switch between different apps with ease. Now-a-days, people are accessing the internet from their mobile phones to shop for their necessities or to find a specific service.

John Pereless, a reputed name in the web development industry, ask entrepreneurs to design business applications for their company or else they would be losing out on potential clients. Well designed apps will help the customers to access your company services even when they are not connected with the internet. Therefore it is important to have an easy to navigate business app if you want to increase your conversions and want to turn your visitors into sales.

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