John Pereless – Design a Perfect Android Application

According to John Pereless Android operating system is giving tough competition to iPhone high standards. Slowly but surely, Android is making its mark in the mobile industry. Every day, companies design new applications, out of which some might be not really successful. However, if you wish to design a successful application, John Pereless lists out certain facts that must be considered before launching an Android app. Continue reading

John Pereless- Make Your Website Customer and Google Friendly

John Pereless suggests that in this technological era, people generally rely on the internet even for a small piece of information. The internet is fast gaining an important place in the lives of people as it helps them to access a large information base at the click of a mouse, advised John Pereless. So if you wish to attract the attention of your prospective online clients, it is vital to design a customer and Google friendly website for your business recommends John Pereless. Continue reading

John Pereless- Video Marketing To Help Your Business Grow

Now-a-days, everyone is connected with the internet through their mobile phones, desktops, tablets or Mac-book. Therefore as suggested by John Pereless, it is important to use these mediums to connect with your audiences and to promote your business. One of the best ways to increase your customer base is to upload a video about your services that can help your clients to know more about your services. Continue reading

John Pereless-PPC Advertising For Everyone

Have you recently opened a company or are planning to do so in the near future? If yes, John Pereless suggests that creating awareness for your brand is important to target the right audience. According to John Pereless, Pay-Per-Click Advertising can help you to create awareness for your small business easily. This form of marketing services involves placing your company’s advertisement on the result page of different search engines without paying for the services beforehand. Continue reading

John Pereless- Is Video Marketing An Effective Tool?

According to John Pereless, anything that can make an impressive visual impact will always remain in viewer’s mind. Therefore if you want your services or products to make an impact and remain in consumer’s mind for a long period, an effective and impressive video about the product will do the trick, says John Pereless. As people in large number are turning toward video content, John Pereless said that would make sense to reach out to your customers with the help of the media that they access the most. Continue reading

John Pereless- A Comparison between Different Content Management Systems

According to John Pereless, content management system (CMS) or web management system is software that enables the users to seamlessly create or edit electronic text. This management system stores and organizes files along with having a number of other uses. Some of the most commonly used CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento suggest John Pereless. These systems have different features and customization flexibility. So read on to know more about their differences. Continue reading